Platinum $300 (startup) $3000/month

If you already have a large following, have several storefronts in different geographic locations, and/or need constant monitoring of your page, Platinum is for you! This service includes writing custom content (approved by you in advance), posting, interacting, monitoring, rapid response times, and e-reputation management. Platinum is our most comprehensive service level and will take your Facebook presence to the next level.
Here is what we do:

  • Create or optimize current Fan page altering tabs to suit your needs (using pre-built tabs)
  • Ensure that your page is a Business page and not a Personal page; back up and transfer to a business page if needed
  • Create a custom-coded welcome page if needed
  • Secure your vanity URL
  • Design and upload custom profile pic
  • Create promotional plan and write introductory email to your current customer base promoting your Facebook Business page
  • Draft introductory and quarterly press releases announcing your Facebook promotions
  • Deliver 2 postings each weekday and 2 postings per weekend with original content created by us and approved in advance by you
  • Monitor live Monday to Friday the week with quick response
  • Monitor live once daily on Saturday and Sunday
  • Provide live interaction and discussion with fans who have posted on your wall or commented on your posts, including research as needed to answer questions
  • Generate one promotional idea per month to drive more traffic to your page
  • Research and “Like” appropriate pages (business partners, potential clients, etc)
  • Handle or forward business leads to your team (you select)
  • Handle or forward customer service issues to your team (you select)
  • Provide custom coding or integration of up to one application or tab per month
  • Conduct an initial one hour coaching session with your team to teach you best practices and help you build relationships with members of your Facebook community
  • Report monthly on your Facebook community, impressions and rankings
  • Schedule a monthly meeting to report on results and to plan for the forthcoming month

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