Silver $200 (for startup) $400/month

If you have someone internally who can handle interactions and monitoring, but you need to leverage Open Air Press to lay the foundation, try Silver. We’ll launch or improve your page, provide custom content and consistent delivery of that content. We will work closely with someone on your time who should be committed to spending about 30 minutes to one hour every day reaching out, interacting, and responding. With Silver, we help you build a strong presence on one of the largest and most important social networks in collaboration with a member or members of your team.
Here is what we do:

  • Create or complete an existing Business Page (including company information & contact details)
  • Secure your vanity URL
  • Design and upload custom profile pic
  • Deliver one posting per weekday with original content created by us and approved by you in advance
  • Monitor once per weekday and notify you of any issues that need to be addressed
  • Conduct an initial one hour coaching session for your team to help you build relationships with your Facebook community
  • Schedule a monthly phone call to update you and to plan for the forthcoming month

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