Gold $300 (startup) $1000/month

Gold is for you if you want the Open Air Press team to completely manage your Facebook presence including writing custom content (approved by you in advance), posting, interacting and monitoring seven days a week. With Gold, we take care of everything so that you can be totally hands-off (apart from our monthly check-in call). This means you can focus on running your business. Here is what we do:

  • Create or optimize current Business page altering tabs to suit your needs (using pre-built tabs)
  • Ensure that your page is a Business page and not a Personal page; back up and transfer to a business page if needed
  • Create a custom-coded welcome page if needed
  • Secure your vanity URL
  • Design and upload custom profile pic
  • Create promotional plan and write introductory email to your current customer base promoting your Facebook Business page
  • Create Photo page and upload photos as provided by you
  • Deliver at least 2 postings each day (including weekends) with original content created by us and approved in advance by you
  • Monitor once per weekday and notify you of any issues that need to be addressed
  • Interact twice per weekday with members of your community who have posted on your wall or commented on your posts
  • Research and “Like” appropriate pages (business partners, potential clients, etc)
  • Forward business leads to you by email or phone (you select preferred method)
  • Generate one promotional idea per month to drive more traffic to your page
  • Conduct an initial one hour coaching session with your team to teach you best practices and help you build relationships with members of your Facebook community
  • Schedule a monthly phone call to report on previous month and to plan for the forthcoming month

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