Gold $2000/month

Gold is for you if you want Open Air Press to completely manage your Twitter presence including writing custom content (approved by you in advance), posting seven days a week, interacting and monitoring. This service typically achieves at least 150 added followers each month. Here is what we do:

  • Customized page creation or custom redesign of existing page
  • Write original copy for at least 60 custom Tweets monthly
  • Ensure consistent delivery of at least 8 tweets per weekday and at least 4 tweets per day on Saturday and Sunday
  • Automatically follow back all who follow you
  • Draft and send custom welcome message to all new followers
  • Monitor twice per weekday and notify you of any issues that need to be addressed
  • Interact live with followers at least once per weekday
  • Send Retweets, Thank Yous and Follow Fridays resulting in at least 20 live, interactive Tweets per week
  • Handle Direct Message box maintenance daily on weekdays, including forwarding any business leads to you and deleting spam
  • Conduct an initial one hour coaching session for your team to teach you best practices and help you build relationships with members of your Twitter community
  • Schedule a monthly phone call to report on previous month and to plan for the forthcoming month

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